Policing reform forum coming up in Antioch

I'll be speaking at a police reform forum in Antioch on September 24 at 6:00 pm. It'll be a diverse group led by my friend and fellow Leadership San Francisco alum Con Johnson, recently retired from the SFPD, joined by a clergy member, psychologist, nurse, and lawyer (that's me). Read press coverage here: "Building Bridges & Tearing Down Barriers forum to focus on relationships with public, police."

I'm encouraged by the diversity of this group and the orientation of the panel. To build trust, we need to build robust and genuine partnerships between police and the communities entrusted to them. Spirituality, psychology (especially trauma history), health, and the legal system all have their distinct and critically important roles to play. Ultimately, police and community must become interdependent and share a deep understanding of what it takes to keep our communities safe.

Please join us if you can. If you'd like a more personalized approach, I'm happy to come to your company or group and talk about Persyn Law & Policy's work on SF's Blue Ribbon Panel, policing reform, the role played by trauma history, or related topics.