APSAC files a brief for refugee children and American Muslim children in the Supreme Court

Today, Persyn Law & Policy and Keith Bradley submitted an amicus curiae brief in the Supreme Court on behalf of our client, the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children (APSAC). Read it here. Our brief supports the International Refugee Assistance Program and the State of Hawai'i in their suit against Donald Trump over the Executive Order that curtailed visas and refugee placement for persons from six targeted nations--six of the most war-torn nations in the world.

We don't make a legal argument. Instead, as we did in the Fourth and Ninth Circuits, we draw attention to the dire facts associated with the trauma suffered by refugee children when exposed to war, violence, and displacement and by American Muslim children when subjected to religious animus and bullying. Child trauma can do serious damage to the developing brains and bodies of children. We owe child refugees and American Muslim children the decency to consider carefully the burden we cause them to bear in issuing and obeying orders that exude animus at every step between drafting and execution. 

Perhaps this is who we have somehow become. But we must not remain so. Instead, may we be among those who defend the most vulnerable and promote religious freedom. This is the heritage and the lifeblood of our country. Fight for it.