APSAC files brief opposing Texas's attempt to end DACA protection

DACA faces another test in the Southern District of Texas, where Texas and other plaintiff states have sued to have DACA declared illegal from its start in 2012. They've asked the Court to enjoin DACA immediately. The United States, the defendant in the case, agrees with the States. So, the Court granted motions to intervene by a group of individuals represented by MALDEF and the State of New Jersey.

The American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children ("APSAC") filed an amicus brief in opposition to Texas' motion to enjoin DACA, and in support of Defendant-Intervenors.  Read the brief here. APSAC's goal is to educate the Court about the impact of DACA termination on the children of DACA recipients--young children very susceptible to the toxic stress caused by both the threat and the reality of their parents' loss of protection and potential deportation. These very significant harms must be weighed in the balance by the Court.

I'm proud to represent APSAC in this matter and to support my former colleague Rachel Wainer Apter, counsel to New Jersey, and MALDEF in their fight.